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29er Mountain Bikes

Lets take a look at what makes these bikes a popular choice for some riders today.

The Pro’s of a 29er Mountain Bike

If your a taller rider that needs a larger frame then these tires are going to make a difference to your overall setup and will allow for a slightly more comfortable ride.

29er Mountain BikeWith a little less air pressure you can get a lot more traction than with the 26 inch wheels due to the extra surface area, this will give you a more stable ride and the ability to roll over obstacles and bumps easier, as well as better performance in loose dirt or sand .

These larger wheels also can benefit by absorbing more of the impact when riding, so if you are looking for a hardtail mountain bike this could be a good option, but if you are after the ultimate smooth ride then a dual suspension mountain bike in this wheel size would be the ideal choice.

The Con’s of a 29er Mountain Bike

Due to the size difference it is easy to work out that there is a definite weight difference and handling ability between 26 inch and 29 inch tires.

The larger are obviously harder to get moving and can add to the drag when pedalling up hill.

29ers need more braking power and the response in tight turnsĀ  and during acceleration is a lot more sluggish.


I think at the end of the day it is going to be determined by the riding style you do the most of.

A 29er is probably good for a beginner for it’s stability factor and comfort especially if it is a dual suspension mountain bike, and great for downhill junkies where uphill momentum is not really a factor.

29er BikeFor the more experienced rider a few tweaks and modifications like putting in smaller chain ring cogs can improve the acceleration, bringing it in line with that of a 26.

On any trail rides the 29er certainly makes up for any issues with it’s stability and smooth ride.

If it comes to price, then a dual suspension 26 is probably a better option, but if you want the versatility and comfort for all round situations then a dual suspension 29er mountain bike would definitely be at the top of my Christmas list!

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  1. , they’re perfect for arnoud-town kid-hauling/grocery-getting, etc. I put some platform-BMX-type pedals on, though the Madsen’s stock pedals are also quite wide and a great platform pedal, I just thought I’d put these on. I may move to the SKS grip king, but we’ll see. And the grips are just some I had lying arnoud and like the look of . It’s a great ride. Can’t wait to get back to Seattle and borrow it back from Car Free Days. In terms of the Madsen’s stock saddle/bars/pedals, it really is just a matter of personal preference. I like the wider Brooks B67 saddle, which I use on some other cargo bikes, so I went with that here. The standard saddle may be preferred by some, it just depends what you’re used to and what you like to ride. Because I went for the more upright riding position, I like the wider saddle. If I were using this bike as a bike messenger, for example, and racing arnoud town a little more, and/or preferred a narrower saddle, the stock one would be just fine. I think Madsen’s designers were wise to spec the bike with the saddle, bars, and pedals they did: they’re good choices, but easily swapped out if someone prefers.

  2. […] There are 2 wheel size settings, which is good if you use the computer on more than 1 bike, such as a 26 inch or a 29er mountain bike. […]

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