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Cateye Strada Wireless Review

Catey Strada WirelessCateye Strada Wireless Bike Computer Review

This bike computer is just one of the many great Cateye products and is the perfect training tool for any rider.

The Cateye Strada Wireless Bike Computer is a lightweight, compact, super sleek unit that is incredibly easy to use and has all the features you need for a great ride.

Although this computer is compact, Cateye have kept the screen as large as possible in the unit, making it clear and easy to read even in bright sunlight, which is a positive feature.


Being wireless as the name implies, makes it incredibly easy to install the sensors and computer without having to deal with wires or cables of any sort.

Catey ComputerIncluded with the unit is a mountain bracket that is easy to install, is a universal size that doesn’t require tools to fit it. It can be installed on your stem or handle bars and fits both standard and oversize handlebar set ups, which is perfect for any set up configuration.

Computer functions

The Cateye Strada Wireless Computer comes packed with multiple functions and features to cover the needs of most training and riding situations.

The functions and features are;

  • Current Speed.
  • Average Speed.
  • A pace arrow function to let you visually know if you are above or below your average speed.
  • Maximum Speed
  • Trip odometer
  • A total odometer that is programmable, which is convenient if you are transferring mileage from another computer or after battery change.
  • Time of day
  • Automatic ride timer that starts and stops automatically based on front wheel movement.Bike Computers
  • There are 2 trip distance counters, which are convenient if you are trying to keep track of a shorter distance within a longer ride.
  • There are 2 wheel size settings, which is good if you use the computer on more than 1 bike, such as a 26 inch or a 29er mountain bike.


Although this computer doesn’t have GPS capabilities it is still packed with some great features that can really help you get the most out of every ride.

As one of the leading brands in bike computers, Cateye still seems to keep the cost of their units at really competitive prices, and offer great value for the money you spend.

Whether you are just starting out or have been riding for some time, the Cateye Strada Wireless Bike Computer is a great choice for anyone who needs a great training tool with lots of useful features that is great value for money.

Click the link to Check out the range of other Cateye Computers available.



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