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Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

full suspension mountain bike The modern full suspension mountain bike is fast becoming the world’s number one bike that is not just technologically advanced, but loaded with the features that make riding it cross country or on a trail so enjoyable.

With the improvement of both frame and fork technology, better front fork suspension and rear shock function, the full suspension mountain bike is now more popular than it’s hard tail companions and is getting very close to matching it on weight factors as well.


Benefits of a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The most obvious advantage to having full suspension is greater bump absorption, this means that the bike itself absorbs the shock when hitting tree roots, rocks and pot holes and not your body, this can make a huge difference physically to fatigue levels on long rides, making your ride more efficient and allowing you to put that added energy into riding faster or further than your competitors over a long distance.

Better for beginners.

Full suspension mountain bikesHaving both front and rear suspension constantly working to keep both wheels in contact with the ground, basically means that these bikes are both safer for the beginner, and will allow them to ride a much greater variety of terrains with a higher degree of confidence.

Constant contact with the ground means better traction, better control when braking, and into faster corners being able hold the best line at speed with more control.

Full suspension mountain bikes do come with an added price tag, are heavier and take a little more maintenance than other specialized mountain bikes due to pivot points and rear shock needing to be regularly cleaned and serviced (this can be easily done yourself), but the benefits out weigh these issues by a long way.


Whether you are a beginner that needs a bike that gives them the confidence to do more, try more challenging rides with added safety, or you’re a seasoned rider looking for a little more comfort and control, then a full suspension mountain bike is definitely the way to go.

The added weight can be a benefit down hill, better traction, turning and breaking control make it safer, and the extra cost for a good quality bike is more than compensated for with the comfort and confidence factors that these bikes provide.

If your still not convinced get down to your local bike store and try one out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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