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Bike ComputerTrain Better With a Bike Computer

One of the best pieces of technology you can have today to help improve your riding is a bike computer.

From the basic models that only measure speed, distance and average speed, right up to the fully functional GPS enabled models that will wirelessly track your complete ride and include distance, speed, cadence, altitude and heart rate.

Standard Bike computer

Standard models will still give you the ability to structure your training sessions so you can see improvements in time over certain courses , get an average speed so in sections where you fall behind this speed, you can work on improving the pace over the whole distance, as well as easily being able to increase your distance from one ride to the next.

Cateye computers have several models that range from the standard features to full double wireless GPS models, check out more Cateye computers here!

Benefits of a GPS Bike Computer

Although a little more expensive, a wireless GPS bike computer will give you so much more ability toCateye Wireless bike Computer structure your rides and concentrate on all areas of your performance.

One of the benefits of the more expensive units is they come with the ability to track cadence (which may change when pedalling up or down hill),altitude and heart-rate, so you have an overall picture of your performance no matter what the terrain or incline, and you can see the effects of these changes to your heart-rate, which will allow you to pace better in these areas on your next ride.

Don’t lose your way

Another major benefit of a GPS bike computer is that it will not only show you the way, it will also show you how to get home, you can lose yourself in the ride without losing your way home! You can discover new courses and be able to re-trace them at another time.

A bike computer like the Garmin Edge 705, ( my brother in-law raves about his!) comes with a built in base map, plus it has a microSD™ card slot for adding map detail and storing workouts, courses and saved rides.

Check out more of the Garmin Bike computer range here!

Cool features

Not only can  you structure, store and analyze your workouts, you can also wirelessly transmit your ride to your riding buddies, then you can challenge them to ride the same course, and you can compare stats, and once and for all prove who is the better rider!

A Bike Computer Is The Ultimate Training Tool

As an overall training tool, a bike computer is a must have if you want to get the best out of each and every ride. Structure your sessions to target specific areas of your performance, then use the data to analyze what parts of your ride can be improved.

Try specific training programs for each part of your ride that you are targeting and analyze and track your improvements in real time. Becoming a better rider has never been easier.

Check out the range of Models available from Cateye Computers Or Garmin Bike Computers.




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