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Cateye Computers

Cateye Computers would have to be one of the most well known bike computers available on the market today, and for good reason!

Cateye’s full range of cycle computers, from the budget friendly entry level models to the elite training companions, represent the apex of reliable cycling technology.

These bike computers have the ability to change the way you ride forever.

With state of the art wireless and GPS technology available, there is a model to suit all budgets, riding styles and level of ability.

Check out these popular Cateye Computers.

Cateye  Micro Wireless

This 10 function wireless bike computer is one of Cateyes’s best sellers.Cateye  micro wireless

If you don’t need anything too fancy then this is a great place to start.

It is easy to install and it’s accuracy is spot on.

With the ability to see the display it in full sun as well as at night (back-lit) is a great feature.

Easy to setup and program and for what you get it is certainly  great value for money.

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Cateye Strada Wireless

The Strada wireless comes in a range of colours and and is a small compact unit that is easy to install and useCatey Strada Wireless.

It has a one touch function allowing you to scroll between menus with one touch of a button (great for when in motion!). It’s main functions include, current speed, Time, Time of ride, Distance Ridden, Distance2(Dual Distance), Average Speed, Max Speed, Odo.

This unit is waterproof and mounts securely, so you won’t lose it even if you come off.

If you are after an accurate reliable Bike computer, check it out.

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Cateye Triple Wireless

This top little unit has got the lot, including cadence, calories and heart rate!Cateye Triple Wirless

If you want a great training tool or as a motivator (seeing the calories your burning can do this) then the V3 is perfect bike computer for you.

The display is not the largest on the market but being able to see speed, heart rate, and calories on the same screen at the same time, makes sitting in the zone easier to achieve.

A great tool for the serious bike rider that needs an accurate way to get training data that will help improve your riding ability.

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