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Top of the range Garmin Bike Computers

If you don’t want to mess around with other toys that call themselves bike computers then these are the real deal!

Garmin 800, Garmin 705, Garmin 500

Top of the class Garmin Edge 800

The full package this GPS enabled bike computer is as good as it gets!Garmin 800

The big brother to the 705 this little beauty has some big improvements.

The main new feature is the touch screen, and yes it even works with gloves on, this is a huge improvement from the previous model.

The Garmin Edge 800 is easy to mount, data entry is a breeze and it has all the training tools and it’s capabilities when linked to your computer are endless.

Great for training or just exploring new rides, with Garmins record of updates and reliability this unit is all you will ever need and certainly sets the benchmark for all other bike computers.

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Garmin 500

Packed with features such as GPS enabled, speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitor, this is great for the rider lookingGarmin 500 for the ultimate training tool!

Track your ride, wirelessly transmit it to your friends as proof or challenge them to beat your time. View your latest ride via google maps and get a birds eye view of your ride.

Transfer your data to you laptop and analyze your rides to see where you can improve, while getting the true output from the heart rate monitor and other great features.

Mounts comfortably on the handlebars and isn’t too bulky.

Overall, an excellent device that takes bike computers to the next level.

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Garmin 705

Although it has been superseded by the Garmin 800, I have still added it here as it is a great unit in itself, and still at the top of Garmin 705technology as far as bike computers go (It’s also a little less expensive).

Plan your rides on your home computer, then get turn by turn directions out on the road.

The Garmin Edge 705 is a powerful GPS and training tool combined to let the rider have the freedom they need to get out and ride, and then be able to analyze the data or plot another course ready for tomorrow.

It has some limitations that have been overcome with the Edge 800 but all in all is still a great unit for the serious rider or riding enthusiast.

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