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Mountain Bike PartsMountain Bike Parts

If your serious about your mountain biking then you know that each part of your bike needs to be reliable to ensure trouble free riding time after time.

Having good quality, well made, mountain bike parts will ensure your not going to be left out on the trail, or having a wipe-out while charging down the side of mountain, because your gear was poor quality and unreliable.

Mountain Bike TiresMountain Bike Tires

The tires you use can have a major impact on the ride your on if you have the wrong sort fitted for the  style of riding you are doing.

Tubeless or not, lightweight or heavy gauge, the best width for the terrain you are riding and speed versus traction are all things you need to consider when buying mountain bike tires.

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Mountain Bike PedalsMountain bike pedals

Mountain bike pedals come in 3 different varieties, platform, clip-less or a combo of both.

Which pedal you use might depend on how long you have been riding, or the style of riding you are doing.

The different styles of pedal and the materials they are made from, usually determine the cost and effectiveness for your style of riding.

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Mountain Bike FramesMountain Bike Frames

Whether you want an all terrain mountain bike frame, or a frame designed specifically for the individual style of riding you are doing, you have to go for quality.

An out of the box generic frame is not going to cut it, if you are serious about your riding.

A more expensive high quality frame is going to be better in the long run, rather than a cheap one that is likely to crack or buckle.

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Mountain Bike HandlesMountain Bike Handle Bars

Mountain bike handlebars are now available in different materials, widths and other design variables.

Matching your riding style as well as finding some good comfort options can now be done with a little research and an idea of what you need from your handlebar setup.

Quality is a must when choosing the right handlebars, as poor quality can be bad for your health!

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Mountain Bike ForksMountain Bike Forks

If your after a new set of suspension forks there are a couple of things you will need to address before purchasing.

The travel of a fork, it’s ability to be adjusted to your riding needs, and even whether certain types of fork will invalidate the warranty of your frame, because they may over stress it if your are running too long a fork.

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 Other Mountain Bike Parts

mountain bike parts
If your after Rims, Grips, Shocks, Cranksets, Disc Brakes, Seats, Bar Ends, Stems, Chain or any other parts for you ride, Check out a full range and best prices on all mountain bike parts at www.JensonUSA.com



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