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MTB Review of 3 Popular Folding Mountain Bikes

These are the 4 main areas I think you need to think about when buying a folding mountain bike. In this MTB Review I will try to address each of these issues for each bike.


For some of us having a folding mountain bike is usually one of two, three or even four other bikes that we own, so finding one that is relatively inexpensive, but still strong and reliable is the key to a good purchase.

Space saver

there is not much point having a folding bike, if it isn’t going to save you any space compared to your other rides.

It has to be able to fit in the trunk of a small car, be compact and light enough to take on a train, and even fit in a closet if you live in an apartment or something similar.


If that is even a word (foldability). The bike needs to be able to be folded fast and easily, or it’s just going to be painful each time you need to transport or store it.


The main thing I was concerned about was how well these bikes would handle the conditions a mountain bike needs to deal with.

The last thing you need is it to fold on you at the bottom of a drop or you face plant when the handle bars or a peddle give way.

With the right bike and set up, these folding mountain bikes will handle everything from hardcore trail and downhill, to the more sedate uses such as general commuting from home to train or home to work.

 Montague Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike

Montague Folding mountain bikeThis bike is as tough as is sounds.

It takes a few goes but it easily folds away in less than a minute, it is super sturdy, a little on the heavy side, but that just gives me confidents that it’sgoing to handle anything I can put it through.

If the Army and Marines use this bike it’s got to be strong.

It folds down enought to fit in the boot of a compact car, and is inexpensive enought not to blow the budget.

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Columba 26″ Alloy Folding Bike

At a really reasonable price this bike still impresses.

Even with the smaller 26′ wheels this bike is still a nicely designed and well built product.

It is a little heavy due to the fact it is built solid, so it’s not as good for city use but still¬† a great ride with the right tyres on it.

Compact enought to travel easily with it’s smooth folding mechanism.

Rides the same if not better than some non folding bike.

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Shimano 26′ Folding Mountain Bike

Shimano folding mountain bikeShimano always produces quality products for a great price.

If your really not sure about buying a foldable bike then for the price, getting this one is worth the gamble.

It may not be as solid as the other 2 above, but it will certainly handle your general commuting around town.

If you want to use it for more serious riding, you made need to make a few modifications, which can be easily done when putting it together the first time.

All in all great for the price

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