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Scott Mountain BikesScott Mountain Bikes

Scott mountain bikes are fine tuned to meet the highest technology standards and they have the right bike for any kind of biking preference or riding style.

All Scott Bikes are built with long term performance and reliability as a standard feature.

Innovation-Technology-Design, perfectly describes what you can expect from all Scott Bikes!

Scott Gambler 10 Review

With Scott Mountain Bikes You Only Get The Best!

This bike has everything an up coming amateur needs to look and feel like a MTB PRO!

The SCOTT GAMBLER 10 BIKE will have you doing things downhill you never thought you would have the confidence to do!

Why Settle For Anything But The Best Mountain Bike Money Can Buy!

  • Bigger Hits
  • larger gaps
  • and bigger drops

will all be a walk in the park now you have the ultimate riding machine!Scott Bikes

This MTB has great traction for cornering due to its low center of gravity and levels out nicely in the air.

The stock components are the highest quality you can buy you will never need to upgrade to anything better!!

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The Sott Gambler 10 is the complete package

The Gambler is a very capable downhill and freeride bike. It boasts geometry and travel adjustments, a progressive multi-pivot linkage system, and a low-slung front triangle for maximum standover clearance.

It is used by the World Cup DH Team, Scott 11, as well as by the big mountain Freeriders. The Gambler is available in three models that can suit your needs.

Get the complete specs HERE!



Don’t let your competition get the jump on you, get the bike that has everything you need to take your riding to the next level.

Scott Mountain Bikes are built to Last!

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